Words are the Key

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The door into your dream job is right in front of you and you possess the key to opening that door. Words are your key. Leveraging strategic keywords, action verbs, and key skills on your resume and cover letter are sure to advance your brand to a whole new level and opening that door to your future.

What is an Action Verb and why is it important?

Just like the word implies, an action verb, expresses physical or mental action. It tells us what the subject of our clause or sentence is doing-physically or mentally.  Using compelling action words on your resume demonstrates how awesome you are and what you have accomplished.

   Here are a few examples of how to spice up the old, boring phrases into something spicy!

Responsible for (Snooze-Fest)…

Try à Accomplished, Corresponded, Advocated, Documented

Led (Stale)…

 How about à Headed, Executed, Orchestrated, Oversaw

Handled (basic)

Spice it up with à Administered, Built, Engineered, Formulated

 Simple adjustments can creatively paint a picture for your reader, catching their attention, and landing you that interview!

How else can I use leverage the power of words?

Keywords and key skills are other critical areas where words can either make you or break you.

Keywords describe the hard skills that you have that qualify you for a job.  Here are a few examples of some of the hard skills required for different occupations:










Project Management


These are just a few examples of the skills that employers use to weight your resume. Strategically incorporating keywords throughout your resume will give you a better chance of being advanced through the Applicant Tracking Systems and not tossed out during the first round.

Including a Key Skills section on your resume as well as incorporating them throughout your entire resume is so very important. These are the work-related skills that you need to do the actual job. Customizing this to the job description is a great way to highlight your ability and grab the attention of the hiring manager.

Here are just a few examples of what Ares of expertise to put on a resume:

I am an expert at…


Time Management

Conflict Resolution

Staff Training & Leadership


Organizational Management

Team Building

Customer Service

Relationship Building

Using the right words throughout your resume is guaranteed to get you noticed. Just remember, be honest. Including skills and abilities in your resume that you are not familiar with, WILL catch up to you. Try to mix up your verbiage as much as possible. Even the best wording can become redundant and boring if you use it too much.

Keep your resume engaging and interesting and you are sure to wow your reader!