Everyone has a type. A type of guy or girl they like, a type of style they love, type of music, and even a type of job seeker. We are all unique and come with different strengths, personality traits, and motivations and because of those varying range of traits, a job search cannot be a one-size-fits-all type of approach. By understanding what kind of job seeker you are, you can better understand what approach you should take.


This guy gets a bad rap most of the type. Their approach can appear over-the-top or desperate at times because they are not satisfied by simply applying for a job. They will not rest until they have exhausted every avenue of follow-through with an organization that they are interested in. While their intentions might be innocent, they can annoy some.

If you are this type of job seeker, your persistence is a strong suit showing great qualities of commitment and loyalty, but remember to be respectful of your recruiter and hiring manager's time. You don’t know what is going on with their workload. Follow up once after their stated timelines, but if they are not getting back to you, move on. If they are interested, they will do whatever it takes to get you into their organization.


 On the opposite side, you have your casual job seeker. This guy takes a very lackadaisical approach to finding a job. They are looking for the easy way and doing the minimum amount needed to actually apply for a job. They don’t want to network or spend time promoting themselves. They won’t customize their applications or cover letters because it takes too much time. These can be easily spotted to an employer, as they appear to be disinterested in the whole process. 

If you find yourself not wanting to put your all into the job search, as yourself why. Maybe this career path is not for you and you need to reexamine your priorities. But in the end, your attitude needs to shift!


These guys make finding a job a full-time job. They put a great amount of hard work and dedication in every phase of the process. They are up-to-date on market activity, scoping out possible openings before they are even listed. They are building relationships with hiring managers, recruiters, and other key players in their industry. They go above and beyond in the application phase, almost always following-up by getting in touch with the appropriate people.

While a lot of these activities are the right ones, you might be feeling burned out in your job search. Giving your all is great in a job search, and those activities will lead you to a great job, remember that you should be spending all day, every day looking for a job. Block out maybe 2-3 hours per day to focus on this. That way you are staying fresh and energized to keep going until you find that perfect opportunity!

No matter what kind of job seeker you are, remember that no one way is the perfect way. Keep evaluating your circumstances and results and adapt along the way.