One of the fastest ways to get your resume thrown out is to have it generic and unfocused. Hiring Managers sort through hundreds of resumes for each job listing so if you are applying for a Social Media Manager yet your resume shows your background as a receptionist – why would they select you? Adapting your resume for each position does take time an effort, but doing so will make it clear to hiring managers that you are a good fit for the position.

Here are 3 ways that you can easily change your resume to be more targeted:

Resume Title

Back long ago, resumes included an objective statement (if you still have this on your current resume, you might want to call me ASAP!). Your objective statement was meant to show the hiring manager what your end goal was. In recent years, this has been eliminated and you represent your goals through the title, cover letter, and general tone of your resume. One very simple way to set the tone of your document is to title it based on the job that you are applying for. For instance, if you are applying for a Social Media Manager and have never held that title, choosing a title such as Social Media Professional, Social Media Management, or Social Media Consultant establishes that you specialize in social media and this is the type of role you are looking for.

Summary of Qualifications

Your summary is an opportunity to brag about yourself in story format. However, if you tell the wrong story, you are going to lose your reader. Take time to review the job description and then compare it to your resume. Are you highlighting the areas that are in the job ad? For instance, if a job ad says:

The Social Media Manager is responsible for all social media marketing efforts and reports the ROI across the organization. Duties include content creation and deployment, deliberate planning and goal setting for the channel, growing our brand awareness and reputation online, and cultivating positive consumer experiences with our brand. This role requires a clever mind, strong writing skills, and a great gut feel to what will enhance our community, under a “customer-first” philosophy.

I would write my summary as follows:

Creative and intuitive social media professional with a diverse experience across all social media management areas. Successfully develops engaging content, carefully planning and deploying across must-follow media feeds to create an engaged community. Maintains a “customer-first” mindset, ensuring that the client feels like a VIP. Confident and articulate, able to communicate effectively across multiple channels.

I pulled themes out of the job ad to add to my summary. This way I know that I am demonstrating that I understand what this job entails, and I am the best person for it.

Areas of Expertise/Core Competencies/Skills

This one is fairly easy. As you read through the summary, responsibilities, and preferred/required qualifications, you will be able to pull out words to add to your skill set section. For example, using the above summary, I would add (and remember your skill section should always be in the format “I am an expert at…”:

·       Brand Creation & Awareness

·       Content Management

·       Customer Experience & Loyalty

·       Planning & Coordination

·       Reporting & Analytics

·       Effective Written & Verbal Communication

All in all, you are selling yourself to this company. Make sure that they see all the great, relevant things that make you who you are!