When was the last time you promoted yourself? Whether it be for a raise, bigger project, or even a new job. Did you stop yourself because you were scared? Missed out on that opportunity because you didn’t want to be seen as bragging? Let me be real with you for a moment, in today’s highly competitive world, self-promotion is not a bad thing, it is a career survival skill. Your success depends on your ability to properly promote yourself and show employers your real value.

But how do you express your value in a way that impresses without coming off as you are bragging or being obnoxious? Here are three tips how:

Know your strengths and make them visible! What are your talents? Are you great at building relationships? Then volunteer at the company event where you can shine. Exceptional at writing and creating engaging copy? Ask to contribute your company’s blog or newsletter and WOW them with your words. Anywhere you can show off your talents is going to be a great thing!

Own your accomplishment! Women, especially, tend to downplay compliments. I was guilty of this too, and used the line, “oh, it was no big deal” one too many times! But I learned how to say, “Thank you” and be proud of what I accomplished and so can you!

Highlight your accomplishments with facts and stories, not opinions. It's simple, facts are facts, they are objective and more compelling. By sticking to the facts, it is less likely to be perceived as bragging and thus easier to talk about. Or, if you are anything like me, you are a storyteller. So, share a story of something that happened that paints you in a positive light. Do what feels comfortable for you, but do something!

Self-promoting will take practice, but remember this: keeping your head down and working hard is a great quality but it's not going to get you noticed. If you want something, you are going to have to advocate for yourself. No one else is going to do it!