Your Mental Health and Your Job Search

Part One: Self Care


As a career coach, I encounter a lot of people struggling in their job search process. They bounce between frantically searching for any job that will hire them to spending their day binge watching Netflix in their sweats. Neither of which is healthy or positive activities.  As we begin Mental Health Week, I want to talk about the importance of protecting your mental health as you are job hunting in a three-part series


Part I is about self-care. A self-care practice is imperative to really leading a successful and thriving life. It can teach us how to prioritize our own health during times of crisis and survival. While your practice needs to be individualized and be meaningful towards you, here are a few essential that can help you through the process.


Feel all the feels

This might include real sadness, strong anger, anxiousness, or anything emotion on the chart. Don’t rush through your feelings through. As humans, we try to alleviate bad feelings as fast as we can but try to talk about them, write about them, or do whatever it takes to address those feelings, so you can ensure that your body and mind will remain healthy.


Find something you love

Yoga, journaling, running, reading, learning about something new, whatever it might be, and incorporate this into your daily life. This is your “me time”. Your time to do something healthy and positive for you that has nothing to do with your job search. Trust me, this will quickly become your favorite time of day.


Plan away!

Forget the old saying to treat your job search like a full-time job. That means that you’ll be spending 8 hours a day on job hunting. Can we say burnout? Schedule your day so that you are spending 2-3 hours on job hunting activities (applying, networking, interviewing, etc…) and the schedule time to get out of the house, time for self-care activities, and time to learn.


Self-care gets a bad rap in our society – it’s not about bubble baths and candles but about taking time to take care of you. I know, you’re busy, and finding the time to take proper care of yourself can be hard. But, trust me, if you don’t, it won’t be long before you are beat down, exhausted, and not operating at your best.