The job search is hard. It is filled with disappointment and frustration, which makes it difficult to stay motivated and positive as you send out countless applications with crickets chirping in the background.

A few days ago, I told you about one of my past clients, Daniel. Daniel and I worked together about six months ago. He had an extensive marketing career under his belt and had the talent to move into a leadership position with ease. But Daniel struggled in his approach to finding a job. Through our program, I coached him on the importance of having a targeted search – to really be clear on where he wanted to be. We built him a stunning brand that highlighted his skills and accomplishments and developed an action plan to help him get there. Based on his previous experience, his funny personality, and his obvious talent, I was sure that he would be scooped up in a heartbeat.

But guess what? It didn’t happen even though Daniel did everything right. Even though he targeted his applications, customized his words, and leveraged his network, the silence was deafening. He had an interview here, a phone call there, but nothing that really came to fruition.  In one of my check-ins with Daniel, I could tell he was feeling deflated, frustrated, and doubting his talent.

About midway through his search, I gave some advice to him to help him persevere. I told him that just when you think nothing is going to happen, something does. The job search has a certain element of luck, and sometimes it is about the “right time, right place” phenomenon. Following your dreams is not easy, and it will take time, but not to give up. The right job was out there, he just had to persevere through the tough times to get there.

Daniel and I also worked on a few action items to help him navigate the job search wilderness.

Take some time off. Like anything that is hard and that you do constantly, you can experience burnout. It doesn’t have to be this huge vacation, just a few days away from the search, to relax, recharge, and reassess.

Reassess your strategy. What could you be doing more or different? Daniel and I identified that he could increase his engagement on social media, particularly LinkedIn.

Find POSITIVE support and encouragement. Why do I emphasize positive? Because misery loves company. What you need (and Daniel needed) were people that provided support and encouragement. An opportunity to express your frustration and listen, but to remind you that you are awesome, and your opportunity will come.

In the weeks following this conversation, Daniel approached his job search with a renewed excitement. The few days off made him feel recharged and as he began increasing his engagement on LinkedIn, he found that he really enjoyed writing articles and debating industry topics with his peers. He really looked forward to showing off his expertise in the field each day.

Through those posts and conversations, Daniel was able to connect with a hiring manager at a local company. The manager had been following him and reading his posts and in one post conversation that he observed, really became impressed with Daniels’ thought process and approach to the field. This hiring manager reached out to Daniel to tell him about a leadership position that was coming up with his company. Needless-to-say, Daniel got the job.

Daniels’ story should be a lesson to everyone. It’s a story of determination, of action, and of patience. Timing in the job search is a fickle fellow, demonstrating that it doesn’t always line up with our best laid-out plans, causing frustration and self-doubt. The key is to persevere – even if it requires you to take a step back to relax, recharge, and reassess. So, remember to keep your head up, stay positive, and make it happen!  

If you need some help to create a plan to find that dream job, contact me today. Taking the first step towards your future is hard, but it is definitely worthwhile!