Far too often, I have a person come to me, months into their job search feeling deflated and rejected. They come with the attitude that what they want is never going to happen. As we begin to talk and I discover more about their situation, I typically find that they are taking a very passive approach to their job search. They might have a general idea on what they want to do, but as we talk about their job search, they have 10+ different job titles that they are searching for. They tend to have a generic, either outdated or over-designed resume. They don’t network, they are not using LinkedIn, and what they are doing is spending their time on online job boards, clicking to apply. And unfortunately, taking this strategy probably means that is never going to happen.

I’m not going to lie, there are success stories out there of people who take this sort of approach and find a job, but I’m here to tell you that there is a better way! One where you are in control and taking positive actions to get to where you want to be! There are 5 main areas in which you should be specific and proactive in:


Most people say that they want to stay “open” in their job search and not limit themselves to just one job. I get it. And you shouldn’t limit yourself BUT you should have clarity on what your ideal job is.

Why is this important? Specificity is going to be your best friend. Why? Because the more focused you are on the exact thing you want, the more likely you are to bring it into your life. For example, if you are pursuing the field of marketing, drill that down. Are you interested in doing a little bit of everything? Or is there a specific area like branding, SEO, or social media that you want to focus on? By being specific you will not only have a MUCH more effective job search, but you are also ensuring that you are going to get into a job that fits you and your interests rather than just another marketing job.


I say this ALL the time with my clients (and honestly, they are probably sick of it!):

You might love WHAT you do, but if you don’t love WHERE you do it, you are not going to be happy and satisfied.

Ask questions that will help you determine what the kind of environment is that you will thrive in. For example:

  • What size of company do I want to work for?

  • Is the mission of the company important to you?

  • What about the products or services they are offering?

  • What growth and learning opportunities will you have?

  • What kind of boss would you work best under?

These are just a few questions, but focusing in on the important details will help find that company that you absolutely love and what to grow in!


I know, I know. You have heard this a million times from me, but as long as I am doing this, I am going to keep on saying that a targeted brand is a MUCH MORE effective brand. Your brand should be specific to your line of work (see the importance of point #1) and you should be customizing this for every job that you apply for. I get it, applications take a long time to complete, but if you are being specific in your job search, you won’t have to customize as much!! See how that works?

Five easy ways to add focus to your brand:

  1. Update your resume title

  2. Have your key skills/areas of expertise match up with the job that you are applying for.

  3. Customize your cover letter to show how your values align with the company values

  4. Identify the three most important qualities of the position and highlight how your skills match that in your cover letter.

  5. Optimize your LinkedIn Profile to demonstrate that you are an expert in that field


This might be the most important stage to be proactive in! I cannot stress this point enough: YOU HAVE TO BE PROACTIVE IN YOUR JOB SEARCH! This means:

  • You are actively targeting your ideal employer

  • You are networking both online and offline on a REGULAR basis

  • You are constantly evaluating your strategy and adjusting to ensure you are the most effective

  • You are leveraging your network BEFORE you apply for a job online

  • You are showing off your knowledge and expertise in your field

  • You are talking about your job search – sharing wins and challenges and letting people know where you want to be


Let me ask you this, would you wait until you had the job to learn an important skill? Probably not. So, why are you waiting to learn the skills needed for a successful job search? The three most important skills a job seeker can have are:

  1. Networking. This is a skill and requires practice, especially if you are on the shyer or the more introverted side.

  2. Interviewing. This is your opportunity to impress! Build your skills in this area to feel confident as you are walking in for your ideal job.

  3. Negotiating. Companies expect you to negotiate. There are some companies out there that see the worth of a talented person and present them a stellar offer, however, that is not the norm. Typically, an employer will low ball an offer about 10-20% with the expectation that you will negotiate. Do you have the skills to successfully do that?

Sure, there are some lucky ones out there that can easily find a job without much effort, but for the rest of us, it is hard. Your job search will require work, effort, patience, and perseverance. But I will promise you this, if you do the right things, be strategic, and never give up, it IS GOING TO HAPPEN.  

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