Most anyone in Denver will recognize this infamous mural, “Larimer Girl and Boy”. This is one of my favorite pieces of art in Denver, not only because it is so cool, but because of what it represents – change. See, as you begin to stroll past this mural, you see a girl and as you keep moving past the wall, it transitions into a boy. And if a painting can transition into something else, imagine what you can do!

Change is hard. Most of my life I have resisted change because it felt uncomfortable and was scared of what was on the other side, but life has shown me that change can be a good thing. Change can help us become who we were meant to be. When we think about it in terms of our changing careers, there are 4 main phases.

Phase One

Phase one is recognizing that feeling that something isn’t right. This is that uncomfortable phase where you aren’t really happy with what you are doing, but you might not know why or what to do about it. Don’t run from it, lean into it and explore your feelings. Which leads to phase two.

Phase Two

Phase two is feeling all the feels. You contemplate a change. You are curious, excited, scared, unsure, thrilled and more. You are exploring the feelings of your dissatisfaction, trying to pinpoint what actions to take. Take time to really recognize what you a feeling. Take a long walk, journal, talk to a trusted source, but don’t ignore your feelings. Let those feelings tell you how to take your next step.

Phase Three

Phase three is all about action.  This is where you do your research. Talk to others about it. Pray about it. Visualize it. Whatever it might be, you are full in and finding out what that next step is for you. Take time to talk to people who can strategically help you, that might have been in your shoes or can lead you through this process.

Phase Four

Phase four is when it all comes together. This is where you discover what comes next, you have a plan of action, and are ready for your new direction. You are beginning your transformation into something new and it is exciting!

Change doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Recognize what you are feeling and be smart about it and be ready for what comes on the other side of the wall!

If you are feeling unhappy but not sure what to do about it, send me a message today. Let’s work together to explore those feelings and find the right path for you!